Emmanuel Verunno is the classic case of a person chasing his true passion in-spite of having been trained for another profession. Having done Architecture, Ema's love for animation led him to study 'Animation Direction', and after graduation in 2002, he co-founded Gizmo Animation Studios. Ema's strength lies in finding the right visual style for every story that he does. He is highly experienced in a variety of animation styles that go from full 3D CGI to traditional 2D, to stop motion animation. He takes full advantage of the medium, creating vibrant and detailed environments, characters full of personality and worlds that are inventive and unexplored. His talent is more than evident in the work he has produced for NetFlix, Honda, Coca Cola, Beats by Dre, ESPN and Disney. The recognition he has received for the same is world class - right from the prestigious Cannes Lions to ProMax BDA, Clio and the New York Festivals.